How To Turn Down An MLM Invite Without Upsetting Your Friend

Holy moly, so you’ve had that dreaded invite…

…you know the one that goes something like this…

“Hey hun, got 10 mins to watch this video about how me and the girls are making money…”

MLM invites

You know how it feels… the instant feel of dread, the cold sweat, and oh my word what on earth do you say?

I mean it’s so bad it feels like that big sweaty fat guy at work has just walked across the room and asked you out on a date in front of absolutely everyone.

Well, thankfully I have got you covered on how to deal with this highly awkward, somewhat delicate subject.

Now when it comes to MLM invites, there are two main groups, those from close friends or family members, or those from that random person that seems to have just appeared somehow in your social media friends list.

How to deal with a randomer asking you to look at their network marketing business

When it comes to receiving the MLM invite, it’s always easy from a randomer than it is from someone you actually like. And I know how annoying it can be that they are messaging to tell you about their brand new hassle-free business, which let’s face it if it was that hassle fee they wouldn’t be bothering you. Any way just how do you deal with these pests?

It can be so tempting to message them back telling them where to go, but don’t! Instead, feel sorry for them, I’ve been that person sending endless messages all day in the hope that someone, even just 1 person would show any interest and it’s a depressing state of affairs.

Unfortunately in MLM, most network marketers are trained to “go for no” not because they want you to say no but it’s how the uplines keep the minions working.

However, my number one rule for dealing with a network marketing invite is don’t engage with them about why you are saying no. This is because I promise you, they are taught to have an answer for every single objection. So if you say something like “Oh hey, actually I wouldn’t have the time” they will simply answer you telling you how you could build this business in minutes each day.

So my copy and paste reply for dealing with a stranger inviting you to look at their business opportunity is this…

“Thank you for inviting me to take a look at your business opportunity. Network marketing isn’t a business model I am interested in, I understand the industry and I have made an informed choice not to get involved.”


But what about when they are a close family member or friend?

This is the far more awkward MLM invite to receive and one that needs to be handled carefully.

Before we get into how to deal with this complicated situation, let’s discuss why they are inviting you. I feel very qualified to talk about this subject as someone who has been pestering family and friends for the past 7 years!

You need to understand that most people join network marketing as they are unhappy about an aspect of their life, such as work, debt, not being able to travel, or some other reason. So they’ve often invested a lot emotionally into their new business venture.

And it’s likely they truly believe they have found the best thing on the earth. I can still remember being confused when people would turn me down, as to me this business was a no-brainer.

So first things first, don’t be mean or knock them down.

One of the things I would do is ask them about their why, for sure they will know what it is as it is one of the first things network marketing companies get you to do. This shows you care about them and you are interested in them and it’s going to make the whole saying no thing a lot easier.

Next, I would explain that you have taken the time to research the multi-level marketing business model and it isn’t something you would personally like to do.

One thing you should avoid is attacking their decision to get involved as you are about to say no and you want them to respect your decision, so it would be hypocritical not to respect their choice to get involved.

Why not give them a link to this site so they can check out the articles for themselves.

There are better ways to make money from home

If making money from home is something that you are interested you should know that there is a better way than getting involved in network marketing. That way is called affiliate marketing, and you can actually take a free course online to learn about what it is and how you can get started for free. But the one thing you will be happy to know is you won’t have to tell a soul about your new business, or doing any kind of recruiting.

Since deciding that I think MLM sucks and deciding to start making money the proper way online, I have been actually having success, something I can’t say for my 7 long frustrating years in network marketing.

Oh, and by the way, I wrote an article about whether MLM is a scam or not, check it out here!


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