Newspapers Alive Review 2021 – Is Newspaper Advertising Dead?

Now I have to confess having only been in the home business industry for the good old age of the internet with paid ads, email marketing, and social media, advertising in a newspaper has never crossed my mind. Until I found out about

So what on earth is Newspapers Alive, how much does it cost, and more importantly does it actually work?

What is Newspapers Alive?

Let’s first discuss what Newpapers Alive, and maybe more importantly what it isn’t! Newspapers Alive is essentially a traffic generation, designed to get you traffic in the home business niche for your offers. When you join Newspapers Alive, the first thing you will see is that you need to choose your package as this determines how much traffic you actually get.

Newspapers Alive Pricing

As you can see from the above image there are 3 traffic packages to choose from, $60 per month for 200 – 250 visitors a day, $125 per month for 450 – 550 visitors a day, and $399 per month for 1800 -2200 visitors a day. Now if you look carefully you will see that currently at the time of writing this article they only have space for people to join package 1, and that is because they make sure they are getting enough clicks to actually get your visitors which is something I personally like.

When you first join you will select your zones, and this is basically where geographically within the USA you would like your visitors from. Once you have selected your zones they will lock for 7 days, this is to help Newspapers Alive manage their traffic to make sure they are delivering for everyone.

The next step in the process is to create your landing or offer page. Now at this stage, I think it will be helpful you explain the behind-the-scenes working of the program so you know how it works. I have to confess when I signed up I thought I would enter my URL and get traffic, but that is not quite how it works. Newspapers Alive advertise in a tonne of newspapers across the USA, covering around 30000 towns. In each newspaper, they have a daily advert that is designed to attract people wanting to make money from home, and each ad has one of Newspapers Alive URLs in it. So when someone reads the ad and decides to type it in online, the system will show them someone’s offer page depending on whether you’ve reached your traffic quota and the zones you are targeting.

Now designing a landing page is really simple, you can add just some text and a button linking to your website, however, this means that the traffic volume you purchase is traffic to your landing page, not necessarily traffic to your website. I hope that makes sense but for any confusion feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll aim to clear it up for you.

Does Newspapers Alive Provide Value For Money?

This is the all-important question, do Newspapers Alive provide value? As I said already there are 3 traffic packages that you can choose to buy, $60 being the base package for 200 – 250 visitors a day. Now firstly I would say to run paid ads, or solo ads to get you that level of traffic each day your spend would be at least $100 a day, likely more like $200, whereas this is just $60 a month.

Having said that as yet, I haven’t seen the traffic to be high converting, although I feel maybe I haven’t given it a full chance yet as I’ve been experimenting with various landing pages.


How The Affiliate Scheme?

Newspapers Alive have a free affiliate scheme that they offer to their members which offers recurring income, paying 5 levels deep, a bit MLM like I have to confess! It seems fairly generous and I can see how you could quickly cover your own cost of the system if you wanted to.

This is an overview of the affiliate scheme.

NPA Affiliate Comp Plan

As you can see there it’s fairly self-explanatory, but the thing I would point is the fact that if you get 3 active referrals you unlock 100 – 150 additional visitors from Canada! That for me feels like a really good incentive.

So Newspapers Alive, Alive or Dead?

To sum up I would say that Newspapers Alive is a solid program. Now that said I haven’t had great results but it is early days, but I like it and therefore I will keep my package active. Although equally there are alternative ways of getting traffic and leads that is cheaper such as MyLeadGenSecret and Organic Prospects

Why not try it for a month, the worst thing that could happen is you waste $60, the best thing… you find a brand new supply of daily traffic, and in this business, everybody knows… traffic pays big!

By the way if you’d like to learn more about making money online, then register your free Wealthy Affiliate account here and jump on some of the best training I’ve ever found!



I just wanted to share with you a quick update about Newspapers Alive. I have decided not to renew my service for another month as I personally feel it doesn’t deliver in terms of actual clicks to my offers and therefore isn’t the best use of my money!

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